Date Nick Map Time File
2022-08-12Chavyjav GUIA Seasons Tour 02:53,610­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-12U Killer U PWM Mangrove Mystery 01:39,565­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-12Chavyjav TYRIA GROTHMAR VALLEY 01:42,555­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-12Chavyjav TYRIA INF.LEAP 01:13,134­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-12Chavyjav TYRIA DIESSA PLATEAU 01:30,195­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-12Chavyjav TYRIA DIESSA PLATEAU 01:29,637­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-12Chavyjav TYRIA DIESSA PLATEAU 01:30,767­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-12Chavyjav TYRIA DIESSA PLATEAU 01:30,567­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-12Chavyjav TYRIA SNOWDEN DRIFTS 00:28,326­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-12Chavyjav TYRIA GENDARRAN 01:12,882­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-12Chavyjav TYRIA BRISBAN WILD. 02:22,247­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-12Chavyjav TYRIA BRISBAN WILD. 02:28,564­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-12Chavyjav TYRIA BRISBAN WILD. 02:27,489­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-10Chavyjav TYRIA GROTHMAR VALLEY 01:44,992­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-10Chavyjav TYRIA INF.LEAP 01:09,164­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-10Chavyjav TYRIA INF.LEAP 01:12,682­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-10Chavyjav TYRIA DIESSA PLATEAU 01:29,149­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-10Chavyjav TYRIA DIESSA PLATEAU 01:31,252­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-10Chavyjav TYRIA SNOWDEN DRIFTS 00:29,767­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-10Chavyjav TYRIA SNOWDEN DRIFTS 00:28,153­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-10Chavyjav TYRIA SNOWDEN DRIFTS 00:28,970­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-10Chavyjav TYRIA GENDARRAN 01:12,641­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-10Chavyjav TYRIA GENDARRAN 01:13,942­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-10Chavyjav TYRIA BRISBAN WILD. 02:22,475­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-10Rhaenys Andretta TYRIA INF.LEAP 01:23,732­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-10Rhaenys Andretta TYRIA INF.LEAP 01:19,248­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-10Rhaenys Andretta TYRIA INF.LEAP 01:21,441­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-10Rhaenys Andretta TYRIA DIESSA PLATEAU 01:33,816­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-10Rhaenys Andretta TYRIA SNOWDEN DRIFTS 00:28,643­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-10Rhaenys Andretta TYRIA SNOWDEN DRIFTS 00:29,240­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-10Rhaenys Andretta TYRIA SNOWDEN DRIFTS 00:32,936­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-10Rhaenys Andretta TYRIA GENDARRAN 01:15,280­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-10Rhaenys Andretta TYRIA BRISBAN WILD. 02:31,354­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-09Tziiff RACE Temple of Speed 06:35,171­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-09Wizbird F├ćST Waves of Light 03:43,937­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-09Jestemtaki TYRIA INF.LEAP 01:10,644­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-09Jestemtaki TYRIA INF.LEAP 01:09,205­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-09Jestemtaki TYRIA INF.LEAP 01:10,160­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-09Jestemtaki TYRIA INF.LEAP 01:09,440­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-09Jestemtaki TYRIA INF.LEAP 01:10,448­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-09Wizbird F├ćST Waves of Light 03:46,370­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-09Jestemtaki TYRIA INF.LEAP 01:12,089­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-09Jestemtaki TYRIA GROTHMAR VALLEY 01:41,082­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-09Jestemtaki TYRIA GROTHMAR VALLEY 01:42,035­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-09Jestemtaki TYRIA DIESSA PLATEAU 01:29,688­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-09Jestemtaki TYRIA DIESSA PLATEAU 01:31,842­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-09Jestemtaki TYRIA DIESSA PLATEAU 01:30,550­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-09Jestemtaki TYRIA DIESSA PLATEAU 01:35,547­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-09Jestemtaki TYRIA DIESSA PLATEAU 01:31,243­čĹ╗Download
2022-08-09Wizbird F├ćST Waves of Light 03:48,572­čĹ╗Download
about img

This asura is Killer

Hi!, I'm the creator of this tool, I hope you enjoy as I did making , and using it.

At the begining, this was only a tool to guess how the f*** could people like reaper go that fast, and was a very cool process the path of the knowledge.

This proyect does not need any money or subscription, but I will never say no if you want to send me gold ingame to buy skins XD (killer.8974)

Dont forget that the code of this proyect is open source, and free to reuse or copy for whatever reason, but, if someone have any problem or want to add more features to the tool, dont hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy and have fun racing! <3