Our Best Keybinds

Here is a list of keyboard binds, useful for all kind of beetle driving

Killer binds

The main change on this build is the use of autowalk to avoid press the W key , and press S to drift, No pressing the W key allows more control with the drift

Another main change is the boost on E and Q , you need both because the hyperboost is going to be a combination of SAQ and SDQ keys.

If you need to brake (never) ,you can press W to cancel the autowalk , and press Ctrl + S to move backward

And the final thing is bind the bond of vigor on the mouse wheel button (utility skill 1)

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Arydae binds

The main changes I've made for my keybinds are putting drift on the shift key, boost on my side mouse button, and bond of vigor on Q and E.

Putting drift on the shift key feels the most natural to me.

Placing boost on the mouse prevents my left hand from doing too much, and allows me to spam the boost key more easily without it interfering with other inputs.

Bond of vigor is specifically and both Q and E as, while I'm drifting to the right, I am unable to press the E key, so I press Q. Likewise for drifting to the left. This way I can bond of vigor at any time without it interrupting a drift.

Last thing: I hold W and right click at all times, unless I need to slow down for whatever reason, in which case I can release W and/or press S. When beginning a Tyria track I do use autorun as this allows me to move my left hand over to the Enter key to start the race. Once the race has started I move my left hand back to it's normal position, and then hold W from then on.

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Reirakiyo binds

I tried focusing my keybinds for mount and movement mainly, for this built it's practical to have at least 2 extra mouse buttons (alternative V and C on keyboard but this could be a bit uncomfortable) as those are mainly used for the mount abilities (Drift and boost for beetle)

You'll have alot of movement options beside the abilities (WAD + mouse), I mainly use E for bound of vigor but keep the middle mouse button (scroll wheel) as alternative second bound of vigor option, it's useful if you drive using strafe and have to press it in turns.

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Dr Fritz binds

I use a layout that works well for me in almost any content. I tried to put the most frequently pressed buttons near to WASD for simplicity. Any functions i use outside of combat or racing is bound to something farther away, as I usually have time to press them in more awkward positions. I realized that I only really used three out of the nine mounts available, which is why I configured only them to a convenient button combination. All others needed a key bind for the mount wheel add on. Strafing worked very well for me , but you might prefer otherwise.

For beetle racing i tried to separate movement with any mount abilities. This way i can move and jump with my left while using abilities and turning the camera with my right hand. The Utility skill 2 (Bond of vigor on mounts) is on M3 to activate it easily anywhere. I boost on M4 to make hyperboosting a lot easier, you just need to press both additional mouse buttons at once with one finger. Another possible key for boost can be left shift. However, i do not suggest to drift with anything on the left hand, as that makes it a lot more difficult to build up muscle memory from my experience.

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Dyers binds

Old school I imagine. We all used to play off of these keys back in the day. Keyboard is pushed to the left at an angle to use the 10 key punch area on the k/b. I am able to hyperboost by hitting drift #4 and resting more of my index finger onto key #1 for boost, for example, while using the mouse to slowly change the angle. Ring finger is always on forward

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Vadrorias binds

For the movements i swapped the turn and the strafe keys to have a more comfortable hand placement.

I like the sensitivity of my camera to be a bit lower than the middle to have smooth movements and a better accuracy.

FOV to the max for the sensation of FÆST and to see more as i'm drifting corners.

As for the controls i almost use the base setup but i swapped v for the boost for x.

The reason is that i use my thumb to drift, boost and jump which make it is easy as hell to get the timings right since my doodoo ass brain only needs to send 1 signal to 1 member of my body instead of sending multiples.

Lastly i use middle click to use my vigour since it's convenient and i don't need a shortcut for the bond of faith since i don't have the mastery for it KEKW.

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Your bind

Do you want to share your own options to the community, just send it to killer on RACE Discord (killer415#1583)

Race discord

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This asura is Killer

Hi!, I'm the creator of this tool, I hope you enjoy as I did making , and using it.

At the begining, this was only a tool to guess how the f*** could people like reaper go that fast, and was a very cool process the path of the knowledge.

This proyect does not need any money or subscription, but I will never say no if you want to send me gold ingame to buy skins XD (killer.8974)

Dont forget that the code of this proyect is open source, and free to reuse or copy for whatever reason, but, if someone have any problem or want to add more features to the tool, dont hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy and have fun racing! <3