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The path laying in front of you is a perilous one, the track and the enigma are both arduous tasks to complete. You can do teams to solve the enigma faster or remain alone an keep your secrets to get more time to practice on the track if you're confident in resolving the riddle before others. Everything is allowed.

Enigma Video

Once you have your answer to the first part of the enigma you can give it to me whether it is by MP or on the RACE discord, I will reply in the canal you chose with the second part of the enigma.

If you succeed to resolve the second part you should have access to the event page on BeetleRank and will be able to get the CSV for the track's checkpoints. Only then will you have the right to ask me for an invite to the guild.

A reward of 500g is to win for the first place and 50 mystics coins for peoples getting the gold medal on the track.

Solution text

Congratulation brave one you have conquered the first part of this treacherous path but the hardest part is still to come with the track.

You can now ask Vadrorias : Dracosis.5173 for an invite to the FÆST guild.

Good luck on your journey and welcome to the FÆST guild, enjoy your stay.

Download the secret track csv and put this file inside your speedometer maps/GUILDHALLCUP folder

📄 Download checkpoints file



9862 Cup score


Mômentum Mori

10000 Cup score



9490 Cup score

🏅User rank list


Momentum Mori

Contact ingame with Dracosis.5173



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This is the count of log files on the server, each attempt with the speedometer generates these files.

Bars are calculated relative to the most played map

FÆST Momentum Mori 0 Hour(s) played (100%)
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This asura is Killer

Hi!, I'm the creator of this tool, I hope you enjoy as I did making , and using it.

At the begining, this was only a tool to guess how the f*** could people like reaper go that fast, and was a very cool process the path of the knowledge.

This proyect does not need any money or subscription, but I will never say no if you want to send me gold ingame to buy skins XD (killer.8974)

Dont forget that the code of this proyect is open source, and free to reuse or copy for whatever reason, but, if someone have any problem or want to add more features to the tool, dont hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy and have fun racing! <3