MMO B&T LEAGUE - Season 2

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We are pleased to announce the second season of the Beetle Race League created by the MMOB & T platform, the union of battle Efficiency and Vortus! So far we have given you eventful competitions such as the Halloween and Christmas BCL tournaments, as well as the top of the competition: the beetle racing World Cup. But we know that this is not enough for the beetle racing community. For this reason, we have decided to start, together with the collaboration of Killer, creator of and the speedometer, a phase of monthly leagues and tournaments.

This league will begin on November 5 and will end on the 25th. Afterwards, on November 27 will be a monthly tournament. In order to participate it is important to download and install the speedometer as it will be used as a tool for all these phases of the competition.



19484 Cup score



19983 Cup score



18672 Cup score

🏅User rank list



This map is in Tyria




Contact ingame with Garfried.7295




Contact ingame with killer.8974




This map is in Tyria


The broadcast of the event will be done in: [ES] [EN]

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Check your monthly tournament apply status on the full list

Prizes /League
  • 1º: 300g
  • 2º: 200g
  • 3º: 100g
  • 4º: 50g
  • 5º: 50g
  • 6º: 15 mystic coins
  • 7º: 15 mystic coins
  • 8º to 16º: 10 mystic coins
  • 17º to 25º: 5 mystic coins


Ranking in these tables will be based on the scoring system, which compares skill among riders.

When the season ends, riders will receive rewards based on their position on the leaderboard. We will also use the leaderboards from each competitive season to help decide which riders will be invited to the monthly tournaments.

Which brings us to the final phase as we discussed: The monthly tournaments!

Who can access this tournament? Access is granted based on the score achieved during the qualification season.

To establish a requirement for qualification, the organization will determine a minimum score to be achieved which is based on the score of the leader. This will be 63% of the tournament leaders' score at the end of the season.

Montly tournament

The monthly tournament will take place on the RACE Hillclimb race track.


Most played maps

This is the count of log files on the server, each attempt with the speedometer generates these files.

Bars are calculated relative to the most played map

RACE Hillclimb 13 Hour(s) played (100%)
TYRIA GENDARRAN 13 Hour(s) played (99%)
TYRIA GROTHMAR VALLEY 13 Hour(s) played (98%)
OLLO Ramp 7 Hour(s) played (54%)
about img

This asura is Killer

Hi!, I'm the creator of this tool, I hope you enjoy as I did making , and using it.

At the begining, this was only a tool to guess how the f*** could people like reaper go that fast, and was a very cool process the path of the knowledge.

This proyect does not need any money or subscription, but I will never say no if you want to send me gold ingame to buy skins XD (killer.8974)

Dont forget that the code of this proyect is open source, and free to reuse or copy for whatever reason, but, if someone have any problem or want to add more features to the tool, dont hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy and have fun racing! <3