4th anniversary of Tyria Drift [DRFT]

This event is hosted by guild DRFT from NA Join discord

n1nj44r (ninjaar.9087): @everyone, I will host the Canthan Border Patrol Grand Prix on Monday, April 18th at daily reset!

This Grand Prix will feature 4 long tracks that go around most of the Canthan zones' borders as you compete with other racers with either the roller beetle (Category 1) or the raptor/jackal (Category 2)!

This event has no prize on website ranking, but has lots of prizes at ingame race

You can see more details on its discord Link

Info about DRFT guild

Tyria Drift is an NA based beetle guild that organizes frequent grand-prix events for fun and prizes! The guild is centered around creating and racing custom designed beetle races all around Tyria. There's much fun to be had, friends to be made, and prizes to win! Video For more info, check out our discord at https://discord.gg/6gE5GYV or whisper ninjaar.9087 ingame.


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28360 Cup score



30000 Cup score


Teeny Tiny Lil Mini

27111 Cup score

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Tengu Retreat

This map is in Tyria



Haiju Flying Circus

This map is in Tyria



Skyline Zip Trip

This map is in Tyria



Zus Heltzer Skeltzer

This map is in Tyria



Jade Twin Ring

This map is in Tyria


Most played maps

This is the count of log files on the server, each attempt with the speedometer generates these files.

Bars are calculated relative to the most played map

DRFT-32 Zus Heltzer Skeltzer 1 Hour(s) played (100%)
DRFT-33 Jade Twin Ring 1 Hour(s) played (72%)
DRFT-31 Skyline Zip Trip 1 Hour(s) played (52%)
DRFT-29 Tengu Retreat 0 Hour(s) played (40%)
DRFT-30 Haiju Flying Circus 0 Hour(s) played (38%)
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This asura is Killer

Hi!, I'm the creator of this tool, I hope you enjoy as I did making , and using it.

At the begining, this was only a tool to guess how the f*** could people like reaper go that fast, and was a very cool process the path of the knowledge.

This proyect does not need any money or subscription, but I will never say no if you want to send me gold ingame to buy skins XD (killer.8974)

Dont forget that the code of this proyect is open source, and free to reuse or copy for whatever reason, but, if someone have any problem or want to add more features to the tool, dont hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy and have fun racing! <3