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Chests Time Map Rank Score Uploads Time played First upload Last upload
01:25,447Hardstuck Drift Masters 6176925278min2022-04-222022-05-07
01:09,959EVENT Divinitys Reach 6176144969min2021-12-152021-12-29
01:37,007TYRIA GROTHMAR VALLEY 121748058min2021-05-092021-12-11
00:59,798EVENT Dragon Bash 8173563638min2021-06-252021-07-10
00:38,249EVENT Mad Kings Raceway 6173137958min2021-10-062022-10-26
01:26,445TYRIA DIESSA PLATEAU 15173102539min2021-05-092023-04-07
01:08,881TYRIA INF.LEAP 201659189min2021-05-092023-04-07
01:09,089TYRIA GENDARRAN 22161372125min2021-05-082023-04-13
02:19,247TYRIA BRISBAN WILD. 19158241024min2021-05-082023-04-07
00:26,990TYRIA SNOWDEN DRIFTS 14157753817min2021-05-082023-04-13
00:39,151DRFT-1 Fractal Actual Speedway 111518921min2021-10-182021-10-18
02:08,568PWM Canopy Causeway 41314436min2021-09-242021-10-02
01:09,716OLLO Ramp 51294756min2021-10-302021-12-10
02:34,000OLLO Akina 5129071334min2021-07-232021-08-01
01:05,564OLLO Drift Heaven 81269966min2021-08-122021-12-10
01:49,292OLLO Hyperboost 51248947min2021-12-102021-12-10
02:08,975GDT Raceway The Dragon Circuit 812298511min2023-04-212023-04-29
05:27,765RACE Hillclimb 912128846min2021-07-262021-11-27
03:49,404EQE Quaggan Mothership 1112066311min2021-12-222021-12-25
03:55,685UAoT 1011917416min2021-07-262021-07-31
05:39,699RACE Downhill 1111692636min2021-05-272021-07-31
01:35,168DER Taira Capeta 61155534min2021-12-102021-12-10
03:35,361VAW Ratzfatz 611538414min2023-04-282023-04-29
04:25,727INDI Maguuma Expressway 911410313min2023-04-082023-04-29
09:06,794SoTD 1111108328min2021-10-072021-10-08
03:43,390HUR 911104935min2021-10-092021-10-30
01:32,451EVENT Lunar New Year 81015635min2022-02-012022-02-08
00:51,641DRFT-15 Triple Trek - Amber Ambush 1100001918min2021-08-122021-08-24
01:05,967DRFT-17 Triple Trek - Crimson Chaos 1100001214min2021-08-172021-08-24
00:21,358DRFT-20 Artergon Loop 11000062min2022-02-222022-02-22
01:05,656DRFT-16 Triple Trek - Cobalt Catastrophe 2991989min2021-08-152021-08-23
00:45,518DRFT-GP-4 Triple Trek Periphery 398964535min2021-06-092021-06-20
01:09,020DRFT-GP-5 Beachin Crabwalk 398441416min2021-06-102021-06-13
04:01,064GWTC 119813312min2021-07-312021-07-31
01:26,031DRFT-GP-3 Inquest Isle Invasion 39379914min2021-06-122021-06-20
02:49,938LRS 3909925min2021-05-232021-05-23
02:50,421EQE 5887138min2021-05-282021-05-28
01:23,408DRFT-GP-2 Sandswept Shore Sprint 6887068min2021-06-102021-06-14
03:28,125DRFT-18 Triple Trek - Medley 2864213min2021-08-242021-08-24
05:27,535TW Maguuma Gorge 128554211min2022-05-172022-05-17
02:45,248DRFT-GP-1 Lions Summer Sights 12735426min2021-06-052021-06-05

Non played maps

Chests Time Map Rank Score Uploads Time played First upload Last upload
-FÆST Momentum Mori -000min--
-JP-1 Morgan spiral -000min--
-JP-2 Spekks Lab -000min--
-JP-3 Chaos Crystal Cavern -000min--
-JP-4 Khan Urs Gauntlet -000min--
-JP-5 UAoT Djinns JP -000min--
-JP-6 Abaddons Ascent -000min--
-JP-7 LRS -000min--
-JP-8 INDI Shambhala Ascent -000min--
-JP-9 Obsidian Sanctum -000min--
-FLY-1 Verdant Brink Hunt -000min--
-FLY-2 Yuru Camp Hot Pot -000min--
-Wing RK Race -000min--
-DF Underworld Trial -000min--
-Hellmo -000min--
-DM Lush Caves Safari -000min--
-DRFT-2 Wayfar Out -000min--
-DRFT-3 Summers Sunset -000min--
-DRFT-4 Mossheart Memory -000min--
-DRFT-5 Roller Coaster Canyon -000min--
-DRFT-6 Centurion Circuit -000min--
-DRFT-7 Dredgehaunt Cliffs -000min--
-DRFT-8 Icy Rising Ramparts -000min--
-DRFT-9 Soulthirst Savannah of Svanier -000min--
-DRFT-10 Toxic Turnpike -000min--
-DRFT-11 Estuary of Twilight -000min--
-DRFT-12 Celedon Circle -000min--
-DRFT-13 Thermo Reactor Escape -000min--
-DRFT-14 Jormags Jumpscare -000min--
-DRFT-21 Willowalk Raceway -000min--
-DRFT-22 Altar Tunnel Circuit -000min--
-DRFT-23 Svanirs Wall Runabout -000min--
-DRFT-24 Smokestead Speedway -000min--
-DRFT-25 Seitung Super Tour -000min--
-DRFT-26 Kaineng Zippy Loop -000min--
-DRFT-27 Echovalds Gloomy Roads -000min--
-DRFT-28 The Jade Scouting Tour -000min--
-DRFT-29 Tengu Retreat -000min--
-DRFT-30 Haiju Flying Circus -000min--
-DRFT-31 Skyline Zip Trip -000min--
-DRFT-32 Zus Heltzer Skeltzer -000min--
-DRFT-33 Jade Twin Ring -000min--
-DRFT-34 Shae no Moor Lady in White -000min--
-DRFT-35 Survival Swamp -000min--
-DRFT-36 Drift out your Dead -000min--
-DRFT-37 Exiles Exorcism -000min--
-DRFT-38 Speak of No Evil Echovald -000min--
-RACE Full Mountain Run -000min--
-OLLO Suzuka -000min--
-OLLO Empress Alley -000min--
-TDM Neon Reflections -000min--
-HUR Full run - 2 Laps -000min--
-GeeK -000min--
-VAW Right path -000min--
-VAW Left path -000min--
-Gumi Bypass -000min--
-Gumi Snakepath -000min--
-Gumi Loo Flush -000min--
-GDT Green Dragon Raceway -000min--
-GDT Green Dragon Raceway Long -000min--
-GDT Raceway The Dragon -000min--
-UAoT United Arts Speedway -000min--
-INDI -000min--
-LRS Jokos Descent -000min--
-BREAK-A-BONE -000min--
-MadMax is Magic -000min--
-OLLO The Line -000min--
-Yuru Camp Skate Park -000min--
-Yuru Camp Izu Peninsula Trip -000min--
-FUN -000min--
-DER Ascension of Myogi -000min--
-DER Descension of Sadamine -000min--
-PWM Mangrove Mystery -000min--
-PWM New Mangrove Mystery -000min--
-PWM Shortcut Swamp -000min--
-GP Seitung Province Circuit -000min--
-GP High Roller -000min--
-GP Jaderoad -000min--
-RACE Temple of Speed -000min--
-KPP The Golden Drift -000min--
-GUIA Seasons Tour -000min--
-EoD-1 Haiju Lagoona Seca -000min--
-EoD-2 Airdrift City -000min--
-EoD-3 Highway To Zu Heltzer -000min--
-EoD-4 Jade Peaks -000min--
-GDT Raceway The Dragon 3 Lap Circuit -000min--
-FÆST Waves of Light -000min--
-FÆST Paranoia Waters -000min--
-OLLO Sewers -000min--
-OLLO Speedfall -000min--
-WotS Swift Spirit -000min--
-BUSH Lunaria -000min--
-Sky Guild Hall race -000min--
-TYRIA Crystal Oasis Expert -000min--
-TYRIA Crystal Oasis Master -000min--
-TYRIA Desert Highlands Expert -000min--
-TYRIA Desert Highlands Master -000min--
-TYRIA Desolation Expert -000min--
-TYRIA Desolation Master -000min--
-TYRIA Domain of Kourna Expert -000min--
-TYRIA Domain of Kourna Master -000min--
-TYRIA Elon Riverlands Expert -000min--
-TYRIA Elon Riverlands Master -000min--
-TYRIA Istan Expert -000min--
-TYRIA Istan Master -000min--
-TYRIA Jahai Bluffs Expert -000min--
-TYRIA Jahai Bluffs Master -000min--
-TYRIA Sandswept Isles Expert -000min--
-TYRIA Vabbian Expert -000min--
-TYRIA Vabbian Master -000min--
-TYRIA Flying Circus -000min--
-ANDUR-02 Kourna -000min--
about img

This asura is Killer

Hi!, I'm the creator of this tool, I hope you enjoy as I did making , and using it.

At the begining, this was only a tool to guess how the f*** could people like reaper go that fast, and was a very cool process the path of the knowledge.

This proyect does not need any money or subscription, but I will never say no if you want to send me gold ingame to buy skins XD (killer.8974)

Dont forget that the code of this proyect is open source, and free to reuse or copy for whatever reason, but, if someone have any problem or want to add more features to the tool, dont hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy and have fun racing! <3